The team

Nathalie Luyet

Architect of life, creator of connections
+41 79 534 55 54

We are all part of the same story

After 20 years of working in architecture and urban planning for various public authorities, I founded Linkfabric in 2017 to offer an innovative and different approach, specifically tailored to each project. I have transitioned from my role as an urban architect to being a creator of connections.

Very quickly, doing things differently became a business. Our clients count on Linkfabric’s originality and creativity. My vast experience equips me with thorough knowledge of regulations and environments. My distance, enhanced by a nomadic lifestyle, allows me to see things from a different angle, providing unique and diverse solutions.

Throughout many encounters, new team members have added a variety of complementary skills. These skills have fuelled Linkfabric’s development and growth, nurturing the strong and shared values of solidarity, empathy, listening, service, respect for others and sincerity.

Today, our core team can be extended as needed through a substantial network of partners with whom we work with regularly.

Linkfabric is a joyful, all-embracing company in an ecosystem rich in biodiversity, and I am proud of it!

I am also a member of Territoire Vivant, a collective for land and housing professionals who promote multidisciplinary and internal listening to aid our understanding of the natural and cultural environment when designing development projects.

Ariane Hentsch

Dialogue and collective intelligence specialist
+41 79 870 81 54

We are the link

I have a background in international relations, interreligious and intercultural dialogue, and managing regional collective and community projects.

Through my diverse experience at various non-governmental organisations and local public authorities in Switzerland and abroad, I am wholeheartedly convinced that the thing that connects us to each other and to our environment is stronger than anything that may separate us and, in the light of day, this bond can make our individual and collective decisions all the more pertinent.

Knowing yourself and your organisation in order to listen to others and our environment is key to developing land and housing projects that provide long-term benefit for our society and our planet.

Using adapted methodologies, this is my approach to managing projects directly or indirectly connected to the environment.

I am a member of the Geneva Circle of the Spirit of Humanity Forum, a global platform for economic, political, cultural and spiritual leaders and change makers seeking lasting transformation based on core human values, enabling systemic change in organisations, communities and nations.

Agathe Ventura

Visual content creator, graphic designer

The visual defines us

I became interested in art at a very young age. It was therefore only natural that at the end of compulsory education, I enrolled at an art school. I studied graphic design and simultaneously completed an artistic baccalaureate. I immediately transitioned into the working world to put these years of training into practice.

I see graphic design as a form of expression. Visual art releases emotion, expresses intentions and personifies objects according to the message you want to convey. In my eyes, it is crucial that any project I work on reflects my client’s image.

More recently, I have diversified my expertise by training as a community manager. Given the significant role social media now plays in society, I felt that being able to communicate successfully using these platforms was an essential skill to have.

Bastien Alter

Making your ideas a reality
+41 79 566 96 88

Simplify life with the latest technology

With a fascination for technology from a young age, I have always loved figuring out how things work and how they are made.

At secondary school, I taught myself how to code before enrolling on a computer science course.

I completed my Federal VET Diploma over four years alongside a technical baccalaureate. I dabbled in academia before I realised that the need to create something real was greater.

For four years, I worked at Groupe Mutuel as a software developer and participated in various internal and external projects from conception to product launch.

Transforming a paper list of specifications into a functioning app is digital craftsmanship in my eyes, and it is this creative process that motivates me to keep doing what I do.

Professional development has always been important to me and I also obtained my federal diploma as an ICT engineer in IT application development.

Thanks to Linkfabric, I am proud to propose customised solutions to meet your personal and professional needs (website/web app, database, etc.).

We work in close collaboration to identify your requirements and ensure that the final product has a positive impact on your daily life.


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