Linkfabric is a consulting company founded in 2017. We provide guidance, helping you to develop solutions, organise, engage, communicate and share.

Our team has over 20 years of expertise in urban planning, with just as much experience in communication and engaging in ethical and social dialogue.

With every single project, we strive to create the most harmonious relationship possible between users and interior or exterior spaces. Our approach always adapts to our clients’ specific circumstances and is based on a fine-tuned understanding of people and the planet.

Our DNA is the bond : the one that connects us to each other, to you and the world around us.

Our natural environment is the history : the one that defines you, the history that unites us and the history of today that shapes tomorrow.

Our strength is the diversity : of our technical, artistic and personal skills, with a range of ages from 55 to 23 and contrasting lifestyles from digital nomads to the more sedentary.

Linkfabric is also an anchor offering team members the freedom to develop a unique and original vision for your project, to guide you and reveal your true self. Our approach adapts to our clients’ needs and always considers the human aspect with care and attention.

Our roots are in Valais and French-speaking Switzerland. Some of our team travel the world in search of new perspectives on how we see ourselves, others and the environment.

Currently, Nathalie, Agathe and Bastien are exploring Europe, and Ariane is based in Geneva.